While at Teaching Choices Symposium visit LMX 105 for Gallery

25/01/2013 23:40



                                     EXHIBITION OF CREATIVE WORK

                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

While at the Teaching Choices Symposium – Feb. 19 – 21, make sure you visit LMX 105 to experience the fantastic creative energy of candidates in Teacher Education and Graduate Studies.  On display will be a brilliant array of paintings, sculptures, installations, mobiles, prints and photographs of life at the Faculty.  Also on view will be amazing portfolios, poster preparations and mounted displays of enriching projects of curriculum illumination in all subject areas.  An outstanding resource for all! 

The exhibition will be open for the entire length of the Symposium.  Make sure you drop by and enjoy the visual feast.   

If you wish to submit something to this exhibition, or wish further information, please contact Michael Wilson at mpwilson@uottawa.  Submissions will be considered until Feb. 15 or until the display area is full.


Your CAEI Steering Committee