Proposal for the Creative and Aesthetic Experience Symposium - deadline Wed. Oct. 12 2012

19/09/2012 13:01



  Proposals to be on the program for this Symposium may take the form of paper presentations, participative workshops or organization of a panel discussion.  Paper presentations will be 30 minutes, including discussion.  Workshop time allocated will be one hour and panels will also be one hour in duration. 

The paper proposals should be one page in length, double spaced, in which the speaker will outline the particular avenue that will be taken, related to some aspect of the main themes.  The definition of creativity will be said to be the process of bringing forth something new which is granted some social value.  This could be related to the arts – dance, drama/theatre, music, visual arts, in any combination, or to any other area of education.  Aesthetic experience, or the experience and reflection of beauty, may relate to the arts or to any phenomena considered part of education. 

Workshop proposals should outline the scope and nature of the proposal as it relates to one or both the major themes.  This will normally be an interactive session with all participants that may number up to 25 in the one hour session.  It may or may not be related to the arts or to any aspect of education generally. 

The panel discussion should include a minimum of 3 contributors with a moderator and should illuminate a topic of discussion or debate that relates to the themes of the Symposium.  For example, a panel might debate whether creativity is an inherent capacity for us all or a rare quality that only particularly gifted individuals possess.  Similarly, a panel might be organized that debates whether beauty is a consideration that should be part of formal education.

All proposals should be one page in length (double spaced) and may be submitted by individuals or groups (except panels which presume a selected group).


The deadline for all submissions to Dr. Michael Wilson at  is Wednesday October 10, 2012.