Detailed description of Creative and Aesthetic Enrichment at the Faculty - 2012 - 2013

19/09/2012 12:58




1.A symposium on creativity and aesthetic experienceOct. 26-27, 2012.

An opportunity to share professional insights and ideas related to anything you have re creativity and the experience of beauty, applied to education.  It could be part of your expertise in dance, drama/theatre, music, visual arts, media arts, or any combination of the arts.  It could also be from any field related to education, in any subject, on any topic.  If you wish, just participate and gain new insights that may deepen your general experience and professional outlook.  Learn how creativity and aesthetic experience is a vital part of all education!  Get great ideas to teach with!               


2.Exhibition of Candidate art works, installations and creative constructions,  Feb. 19 – 21, 2013.

If you create any art piece as part of your programme, this is an opportunity to display it to a general Faculty reception.  If you create an artifact, graphic display as part of an assignment or practicum project, in any subject or discipline area, this 2 day exhibition, as part of the Teaching Choices Conference, is your opportunity to share your work with all others in the Faculty. This is an ideal platform for the display of portfolio inclusions and any other poster or graphic materials created during the year.            


3.BEDTIME STORIES - A satirical review and performing arts showcase – Feb. 27, 2013 –  Alumni Theatre. 

What are you doing in bed to-night?  This is the single event of your dynamic year where your BEDtime stories can be revealed in dance, drama/theatre or music, in any combination.  This is “America’s Got Talent” gone wild as only we in BED can envision and creatively produce, in a wonderful, magical evening of mutual celebration.  This is the once in a lifetime event not to be missed by anyone!    


4.       Video Festival – an evening display of media and video creations during the year.

Did you produce any video segments, graphic animations, film clips, or other electronic sound and/or cinema creations during this year?  This Festival, intended to be part of Bedtime Stories and/or a part of the final closing ceremonies of the year, is an opportunity to share our “work in motion” in a way for all to experience.       


For more information, to be involved in the planning, to participate -  please contact Dr. Michael Wilson at